Advearse welcomes the news that the Co-Housing Scheme near Bridport Hospital will go ahead.

This is the type of development we should be supporting in the town.

It is on a smaller scale – it has been planned with the needs of local people in mind.

The development just being completed at Church Place off South Street also demonstrates that opportunities also exist on brown field sites within the town.

Both developments will meet the ambitions of the Neighbourhood Plan  devised with the needs of Bridport in mind rather than large scale developments by national builders imposed against our will.

Advearse has for four years campaigned against the massive development proposed for Vearse Farm which it has argued will adversely affect the quality of life of residents and the character of the

People are still mystified why the District Council wishes to build so many houses in an Area of outstanding Natural Beauty.

Advearse is continuing the fight to stop Vearse Farm and hopes to announce shortly further steps in its campaign.