Young farmers in Dorset have done their bit to raise hundreds of pounds for a local hospital.

Sherborne Young Farmers raised £1200 for the Yeatman Hospital by auctioning off straw donated by families within the club.

Chairman Jack Sergeant proposed the fundraising idea, originally carried out in 1983 when his dad Ian was chairman of the club. At that time, £350 was raised and used to buy a new hospital bed.

Sarah Mitchell, club leader, said: “Every year, young farmers’ clubs raise money for a charity.

“Last year we celebrated 80 years and looked back through old photos when we found one of the club’s old members.

“We did the same thing and asked all the farmers within our club if they would be willing to donate. Each year, Symonds and Sampson hold a fodder sale where they auction items such as straw, hay and seeds and they allowed us to be a part of their sale.

“There were traders and local farmers bidding there.”

The fodder sale took place at West Hall farm in Longburton where the young farmers raised hundreds to make the generous donation.

The Yeatman is a community funded hospital which specialises in end of life care. Last year, it opened its new end of life Ada Kearvell Suite, in memory of the hospital’s longest serving former matron Ada who worked at the hospital for 26 years during the early 1900s.

Sarah added: “Thanks go to Symonds and Sampson who allowed the straw to be sold as part of their monthly fodder sale, to the families who donated bales, and all the bidders buying the straw.”