MEMORIES have come flooding in of the now-demolished Charles Street in Dorchester.

Recently we featured a photo of the county town street in 1989 - just before it was knocked down - and asked for people's recollections of the street.

A kind Looking Back reader who wished to remain anonymous submitted some photos of the still-standing Charles Street. In one photo we have a lone pedestrian walking down a very deserted, empty street with all the residents having moved out as the street awaited demolition. In another photo we can see into the back gardens of the houses.

Also of interest is a picture from 1978 showing the nearby site of archaeological interest - Dorchester's Roman baths. They have now been reburied, under polythene sheets and tons of sand for another generation to re-excavate. They lie under the long stay car park, alongside social services in Acland Road

We were delighted to hear from Marion Mussell, nee Tetsill, of Dorchester who grew up at 25 Charles Street between 1934 and 1956.

Her grandparents also lived in Charles Street, at number 47.

Mrs Mussell said: "I didn't live in the house you can see in the picture, I lived on the other side of the road in a house which was eventually bought by the grocers International Stores.

"The old Conservative Club was nearby and I remember it was very busy with soldiers in there. Some American soldiers were billeted to the area.

"I remember back then there was just one person who owned a car and that was a man called Mr Crocker. He was the brother of Henry Crocker who used to have a band."

The Tetsill family had previously lived in a house in the Aga Place passageway. The housing remains there now.

Mrs Mussell, 83, has some happy memories of growing up in Charles Street.

She said: "We would play hopscotch and throw a ball against the wall. It was so quiet and there was hardly any traffic. It was quite a different area then.

"There was also a market at the bottom of Charles Street."

When Mrs Mussell got married she moved away. Her parents remained in the home but it had to be demolished because International Stores wanted to expand.

Still remaining on the site is the Acland Road church, now known as Dorchester Community Church. However it is due to be relocated to Poundbury to make way for the planned Charles Street development.

Mrs Mussell said: "My mum sent my brother and myself to Sunday School there. The car park would be on the right hand side and there was an air raid shelter nearby which is now the back of Goulds."

It seems strange looking back when she thinks of the area now, Mrs Mussell said.

"It's nothing like the place it was now. To think that the church is the last thing remaining is quite extraordinary."

Mrs Mussell also remembers Davis painters and decorators, and Duke's auctioneers having a yard on the site.

Online commenters have also shared their memories - 'powell1946' said: "I was born and brought up in Acland Road and remember it well. Both streets a great loss."

'Ian Ross' said: "They were good houses. There was also a rear access and most of the houses even had garages. I learnt to drive in the back lane!

"My parents lived there for nearly 25 years. Left in 1982 when they sold to the council ready for redevelopment. So over 35 years later and still an empty space!"

Thanks to the readers for their memories and for these fascinating pictures.