They've been praised for their efforts in keeping people safe in the snow but Dorset Police officers also managed to have some fun - and they've received international recognition for it.

Dorset Police tweeted the video - that has now been viewed more than 180,000 times - to remind people to clear their windows before driving this morning. 

It has now been picked up by national and international media, including being retweeted by Fox News.

It's not the first time Dorset Police have hit the headlines for their tongue-in-cheek videos. In August last year PC Conroy and Special Constable Borrill and Special Constable Jason Cox became internet sensations when their 'dad dancing' antics were filmed at Camp Bestival.

Watch the video here.

Dorset Police Assistant Chief Constable Mark Cooper said at the time: “By engaging with members of the public in this way, we hope it will build relationships and encourage young people in particular to run to us when they’re in danger, rather than be scared of the uniform.”