As Storm Emma rages into a second day, it has been advised that you do not travel today.

Widespread disruption is expected to continue across West Dorset today, and motorists are being urged to be prepared as roads will be treacherous.

Many schools were closed yesterday and are due to remain closed today, with Dorset County Council having taken the decision to cancel all school transport arranged by Dorset Travel for both days. 

A full list of school closures here. 

Due to severe weather, First Wessex is currently operating no services in its Wessex network.

As spokesman said: "We are assessing routes regularly, however at this point there is no service.

“We advise passengers to check before travelling, and allow additional journey time. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the reduction and/or cancellation of any services, but hope customers appreciate that this is due to factors not under our control.”

Dorset County Hospital is experiencing 'extreme pressure' and has had to postpone many routine appointments due to staffing issues and patients being unable to travel safely to the hospital.

A spokesman for the hospital said: "We are contacting all patients affected but if you are unsure whether to attend for a scheduled appointment, and you can safely travel to the hospital, please call the number on your appointment letter before heading out.

"We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused but we are sure people appreciate that we must focus on keeping our patients and staff safe in this severe weather."

There hospital also has the following message for its staff.

"The hospital is currently under extreme pressure with many staff unable to travel safely to work.

"Could any staff, clinical and non-clinical, not currently working and who live close to the hospital please call the incident coordination centre (directly or via switchboard 01305 251150) if they could work an extra shift today and safely get into work."

Further along the A35, about 100 vehicles became trapped on the Puddletown Bypass last night. It came after severe weather conditions on prompted police to close the road both ways between Bere Regis and the Stinsford roundabout at Dorchester.

The message from police remains clear today: you are advised not to travel.

Bridport has been left blanketed by snow and there is now a danger of ice.

Many places in the town are closed, including Bridport Leisure Centre. 

A meeting that was due to take place at Bridport Town Hall tomorrow morning (Saturday, March 3) regarding the future of the town's indoor skate park has been postponed until further notice. 

The Groves Nurseries are closed today and you are advised to call ahead tomorrow to check if they reopen.

A spokesman said "We are very sorry but due to the unprecedented weather in Bridport and Beaminster we have decided to close both Little Groves and Big Groves today.  We are hoping to get back to normal tomorrow but this will be entirely down to the conditions at the time.

"If you are thinking of coming to visit us, please give us a call beforehand to check if we are open."

Port Bredy Allstars has cancelled its training night this evening.

Police in Bridport have issued the following advice:

'The weather forecast is set to improve however there is still snow and ice about and the weather forecast predicts a nasty mix of outbreaks of snow/sleet/rain (possibly freezing too) leading to further potential hazardous icy conditions, extreme cold/high wind chill.'

Officers say only essential journeys are made during this spell of bad weather and have offered these tips should you have to make a journey:

• Spend extra time to prepare your vehicle – clear all the glass including lights front and rear and remove ice and snow from the bonnet and roof otherwise snow can be blown off the bonnet onto the windscreen and the snow on the roof could slide down and obscure the windscreen!

• Do not leave your engine running and vehicle unattended while you wait for it to de-ice.

• Ensure you have sufficient fuel for the journey, with extra for safety in case of delays or limited refuelling opportunities.

• Carry with you as a minimum, warm clothing and boots, ice scraper, de-icer, mobile phone, torch, blankets / duvet, shovel, warning triangle.

• Consider carrying, a first aid kit, a flask containing a hot drink, some snacks, a towrope and a water repellent spray.

• Plan your route – stick to major gritted roads where possible

• Allow extra time for your journey – safety over punctuality

• When parking overnight pull the wiper arms away from the windscreen so the blades do not freeze to the glass

When you are driving:-

• Avoid wearing heavy boots or wellingtons for driving and take care as wet footwear can slip on pedals.

• Keep your distance from other drivers – it takes 10 times longer to stop on snow and ice.

• Look well ahead and anticipate – reduce speed by deceleration, avoid braking whenever possible.

• Accelerate, steer and brake gently – this is the key to avoid losing control.

• Avoid stopping on uphill gradients and drive at a constant speed up the hill – however if you do have to move off uphill select first gear and engage the clutch without revving the engine.

• On gritted roads, drive in the tyre ruts where other vehicles have driven.

• Be especially careful when driving from main gritted roads onto side roads which will not be gritted the grip and traction will be reduced so take time to adjust.

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