OH WHAT memories, reading the article on the event at the Bridport Arts Centre (Bridport News February 15).

It was my pleasure to be in attendance at the Grunwick dispute back in the 1970s on more than one occasion. I especially remember when Arthur Scargill and 4,000 miners came down to give support to the strikers.

Getting up for duty at 4.30am in readiness for the journey from my Police Station in the east end of London and arriving on an industrial estate sitting in coaches on reserve until required on the picket line. Our breakfast consisted of a pork pie, still partially frozen and a large green apple for dessert, happy days. 

My Chief Superintendent unfortunately collapsed at one point and had to be revived to continue leading our men. My only direct contact with the protesters was a kick in the ankle from a young female, no damage done and I suppose she thought she had made her point.

I find it quite amazing that all that took place 40 years ago, it obviously didn’t do any damage to my health as I am now enjoying my retirement in Weymouth.

Terry Bown
Abbots Court, Ullswater Crescent, Weymouth