I WAS struck when reading Oliver Letwin’s article about “Repairing the fabric of Parliament” that it was an allegory for the whole country. 

It isn’t just in Parliament that “the stone is crumbling and the infrastructure is creaking”. Our NHS is crumbling, and a lack of basic compassion has led to the rise in food-banks and the humiliation of the disabled in discredited PIP assessments.

Teachers and other public service workers are exhausted and demoralised, roads left un-mended, and trains run for private profit at public expense. Energy is tied to nuclear at fixed prices benefitting France and China, and Carillionaires’ victims rescued at huge cost.

We need to invest properly in our country and the people we live with. If not, the fabric of society will be damaged forever by this aloof government and its inhumane policies.

Neil Ramsden,
Newfoundland, Bradpole