ONCE again last week’s News shows how our councils live in parallel universes.

‘Grant cuts mean council tax hike’ and ‘Council warns of funding shortfall’ on the one hand but ‘busy route may get a second cycle path’ on the other.

The new cycle path along Sea Road North to the bottom of East Street is not yet finished.

Let’s see how busy it will actually be before planning a short-cut through Askers Gardens!

There must be a better way of using scarce resources.

How about improving the drainage along the waterlogged stretches of the Askers Meadow path?

Or extending the cycle path up the valley towards Powerstock and Maiden Newton along the

bed of the old railway – Sustrans’ vision for a wonderful leisure

facility and attraction for visitors.

On a positive note, it’s good to see that Cllr Derek Bussell has the aesthetic sense to appreciate how ‘slapping tarmac through the middle’ of the gardens will spoil their appearance.

Those who use the gardens will know what a devastating effect a three-metre wide path will have on the appearance of this relatively small strip of land by the River Asker.

Cllr Sarah Williams is wrong to say it is ‘very little used’ – or perhaps numbers have dropped because of the eyesore of the pile of tree prunings that have been left to ruin grass and the dead trees that were left untouched when the live trees were pruned?

Jon Jenkins

Warne Hill, Bridport