Work is continuing 'behind the scenes' to rebuild a cinema gutted by a devastating fire.

Owners of the Regent Cinema in Lyme Regis WTW-Scott Cinemas are consulting with county planners and English Heritage on a new proposal.

A spokesman for the firm said there have been 'regrettable delays' in rebuilding the cinema, which burnt down almost two years ago, but reassured residents that they remain hard at work to find a way to move forward.

Around 50 firefighters were involved in tackling the blaze in March 2016, with firefighters working to stop the flames spreading to nearby buildings.

Part of the town was closed off and people were warned to stay inside due to asbestos in the building.

Scott Cinemas pledged at the time that the 1930s art deco building would be rebuilt 'to its former glory'.

In a statement, WTW-Scott Cinemas said: "Work continues behind the scenes to prepare for a cinema rebuild in Lyme Regis.

"WTW-Scott Cinemas are actively engaged in finding the best means of bringing Cinema back to the town.

"Regrettably there has been some delay due to the first proposed scheme not meeting the required design or financial criteria.

"A different proposal is now under consideration, and this is at the “in principle” consultation stage with the County Planners and with English Heritage.

"The Lyme Regis town council have been kept informed of developments and we would like to thank them for their interest, support and valued opinion.

"Scott Cinemas and WTW Cinemas joined forces in April 2017 to become partner companies. The Directors board across both companies are aligned in their thinking, and all wish to complete a rebuild scheme of the Regent. As with all cinema developments, the scheme must be viable in terms of design, build and finance."