A LONG-SERVING councillor has resigned with immediate effect. 

Cllr Ros Kayes no longer sits on West Dorset District Council or Dorset County Council after having handed in her resignation on Friday, but, she has vowed to continue serving the Bridport community by remaining on its town council. 

Cllr Kayes says the decision was made ‘as opportunities have arisen to do other things in different areas.’

“There is never a right time but this was the right time for me,” said Cllr Kayes. “There are lots of things I was just not able to do as politics can be so absorbing.

“I’ve been doing it for 11 years and I can’t do anything by half measures so I put my heart and soul into it, and there were great times, but I’m ready to move on to something new. I will stay with the town council - Bridport Town Council is such a community-minded town council that really wants to help and support the community.”

Cllr Kayes, who was mayor of Bridport in 2016, fought to protect services at Dorset County Hospital during the CCG consultation. She was vocal in her opposition to county council cuts to bus services and has been an active mental health campaigner.

“I will still be a part of social enterprise, job club, youth club, supporting people with mental health issues and all of the community activities,” said Cllr Kayes. “I’m very excited for the future and I’d like to thank all those who have helped me all these years.”

Vice chairman of West Dorset Western Area Transport Action Group (WATAG) Bob Driscoll said: "Ros has been a supporter of everything WATAG has tried to do while we've campaigned against reductions to subsidies to rural bus services. We are sorry she will no longer be in this role, and hope she will continue to support us as a town councillor, but we wish her every success in the future." 

Fellow town, district and county councillor Keith Day said: “We shared the Bridport division on county council and district council and I was quite shocked when she resigned. She is an incredible ward and division councillor and will be sadly missed. We are on different parties but I find her a very good councillor.”

Arrangements are being made for by-elections for both the county and district council. For more information, visit dorsetforyou.com