A BRIDPORT-based restaurant has donated cash to help people struggling with mental health issues over the holidays.

In past year The Stable has provided Christmas crackers and party hats for its diners at large bookings at this time of year. But this year, they decided to donate the money they would have spent on this to mental health charity Mind.

The Stable chain began at the Bull Hotel in Bridport, opening in 2009.

Now there are 17 venues around the country, from Bournemouth to Birmingham. Each restaurant has taken part in the initiative, donating the money saved to their local branch of Mind, a total of £2,500.

As well as their own donation, the restaurant’s locations across the country are providing envelopes for patrons to make additions to the offering. The donations will all be counted together and cheques will be presented to the charity’s locations during the week beginning January 8.

Mind’s infolines experience a surge of callers during the Christmas period and The Stable hopes that their donations will help provide people struggling in the local community with the support and listening ear they need. A spokesman said: “People need Mind more than ever. Last December the number of calls to our Infoline was a third more than the year before. This year we’re expecting more people than ever to reach out to us - we’re determined that no call goes unanswered and no one feels they have to cope alone.”

A spokesman for The Stable added: “The Stable chose Dorset Mind as its charity partner in March of 2017 and since then have been donating and hosting events to raise funds for the worthy cause. Each location has paired up with a branch of Mind and aims to help make a difference to their ongoing mental health campaigns and support services year-round.”

Dorset Mind has been serving people with mental health problems in the Dorset area since 1947. The charity aims to support people in their recovery from mental health problems and rebuild their lives.

Mental health problems can affect anyone: around one in four people will suffer from some form of mental health problem during their lifetime.

The most common forms of mental health problems are anxiety and depression, but there are many others, including bipolar, schizophrenia, eating disorders and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Suffering from a mental health problem – especially a severe problem – can have a devastating effect on the sufferer’s life. 

Visit dorsetmind.uk for more information.