WE HAVE lived and worked in Bridport for the past 20 years employing more than 20 local staff in our care home. 

We have witnessed the growth of the town into what it is today – a vibrant, thriving community – but have been saddened by the complete lack of decent, affordable houses for our young working people.

They save diligently for a home but prices keep on rising beyond their means. 

We depend on the skills they have but do nothing to help them.The Vearse Farm development will do nothing to address this issue. 

It will bring in retirees who will need to drive into town but no additional parking is proposed.

The over stretched medical centre and local hospitals will be put under tremendous pressure. 

No one has ever explained WHY we need this development. 

My suggestion is to build a new care home on the Mountjoy site, knock down the existing care home and build a selection of truly affordable homes for the young people who deserve them on that site.

Wendy Cross
Coneygar Lodge