Drivers have been warned that a number of roads may close at short notice due to adverse weather conditions.

Road crews will be monitoring Portland Beach Road and Preston Beach Road from 4pm and short notice closures are possible.

Drivers have  also been warned of debris on the road in ex-Ophelia warning areas with winds picking up.

Flood warnings have been issued for Portland and west Dorset. 

Flooding is expected in the Chiswell area of Portland.

The flood warning will remain in force for two hours following the time of high tide at 5.45pm.

The warning reads: "The causeway between Portland and Wyke Regis may become impassable.

"Dangerous wave overtopping including shingle is possible."

A flood warning has also been issued for West Bay harbour and Lyme Regis harbour.

The warning will remain in place until approximately 4.15pm today. 

Inner harbour levels at West Bay peak water levels are forecast to reach 2.12m with outer harbour levels likely to reach 6.67m due to large waves.

The large waves are forecast to cause spray overtopping of beaches and defences.

Large offshore waves are likely to cause spray overtopping of defences in Lyme Regis harbour too.

People are being encouraged to take care in high winds, stay away from exposed coastal areas and follow any instructions from the emergency services.