STUDENTS set such high standards in a competition to design a logo that organisers awarded seven prizes instead of three.

The first ever Bridport Mindfest, organised by the Hughes Unit Group Supporters (HUGS),m will take place to coincide with World Mental Health Day in October. Pupils at the Sir John Colfox Academy have fashioned a logo, a poster and a programme feature for the event.

Head of art at the school, Louise Burgess, said: "I am so pleased that they embraced this challenge.

"This competition has provided them with a fantastic opportunity to further their creative and technical skills. “Enrichment activities' such as this helps create an understanding of how art and design plays an important part in the local community. A local project such as Mindfest is a great opportunity for them to get involved in something that many of our students feel strongly about, and which is a very important issue in our society.”

The winning logo was designed by Zac Dixon, while Alfred Ross put together the poster and programme feature. Other posters by Ellena Musz, Dahlia Twigger, Milla Scott-Buller, Hannah Erasmus and Ellie Wellman will be featured on the event's Crowdfunding page.

Bridport Mindfest will run from Thursday, October 5 through to Tuesday, October 10, which is World Mental Health Day. The organising group of volunteers are planning a varied programme of events and experiences designed, under the heading “Mental Health – Mental Wealth”, to both emphasise the importance of mental health and to celebrate the achievements of those experiencing a period of mental illness. Both national and local organisations will be involved, including local schools.

Workshops will include dance, puppet-making, yoga, cartoon drawing, creative writing, photography and well-being, mental health first-aid, with further inputs from Clive Whaley of Bridport Runners, and Dr Max Mackay-James with a dialogue on ageing. There will also be an art exhibition, films, a mood wall, and a choir performance by children from local schools.

Highlights will be an 'in conversation' evening with internationally known human rights lawyer, Clive Stafford-Smith, talking about the book he is currently writing and its relevance to the festival, and the appearance of stage, television and radio star, 'The Queen of Black Comedy', Angie LeMar, who will be bringing the festival to a close.

A leaflet outlining the festival will shortly be available and, from September, a full programme will be on offer from Bridport Tourist Information Centre.

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