BLIND author Trish Vickers died this morning surrounded by friends and family - just as her book came off the presses.

It was the Charmouth writer's last wish to hold the book she'd spent years writing and despite the efforts of Lyme Regis publisher's Magic Oxygen she died before she could.

But she did know her wish was a reality.

Editor-in-chief Simon West said: "We did the cover and wrapped it around another book of the same size. We did tell her this is not your book but it is a book with your cover on.

"The book was actually printed yesterday and is currently in a courier's van on the way to us.

"She knew her wish was a reality.

"We went last night, we had tea and were talking about the book. It has been such a massive part of her life this whole book process.

"I am sure the family are incredibly grateful to the Bridport News for publishing her story because if it hadn't been for your coverage then it probably would have just languished in a drawer an unpublished work."

Although Mr West and his wife Tracey and their team have worked virtually round the clock to get the book in print they feel honoured and privileged to be a part of getting Grannifer's Legacy published.

Mr West added: "Trish's mother, who is 90 in May, said when we met her last night that she hopes that Trish's book goes on to inspire others who are experiencing difficulties to find a way to overcome them.

"Writing a 110,000 word novel when you are blind, by hand when you don't have a computer is just such gargantuan task and she rose to it.

"It is Trish's legacy.

"The Bridport Blind Club have all been absolutely overcome with joy that it is being published and that one of their fellow club members has actually got there. It must inspire them to say 'well we can do stuff, we don't have to just sit back and accept what life has thrown at us, which is good."

The Wests had planned a small book launch at Trish's home but now it will happen on Saturday in Lyme Regis Woodmead Halls during Magic Oxygen's literary prize award event

Mr West added: "We will have the book for sale at our event on Saturday and we will be honouring Trish there. I suppose that is the launch because although it is for sale on back order nobody can actually have a copy until Saturday."

Long-time friend Trevor Chambers, who has written a foreward for the book, praised the publishers for their hard work.

He said: "The publishers have been the heroes in this I think. Processes that normally take months they have done in weeks.

"Tracey and Simon have pushed stuff aside to get this done, I can't praise them enough.

"When I was deluged with offers of help from various people to get the book published I chose Magic Oxygen and I was lucky."

Diabetic Trish went blind at 52 and turned to writing for solace. She wrote her manuscript by hand on a clipboard with rubber bands marking out the lines.

But her pen ran out and she wrote pages and pages without realising.

The story of her 'disappearing' novel went worldwide after it appeared in the Bridport News in April 2012.

People the world over were touched and amazed after reading how police forensics experts recovered her work.