THE row over who is responsible for levelling out Lyme's dangerously-angled shingle beach rumbles on.

West Dorset District Council said it is not their job to level out the shingle on Cobb Gate Beach, after heavy winter storms caused a high ridge to develop.

They claimed the job is the town council's responsibility, as managers of the beach.

But the town council said they were under the impression that once the shingle had done its coast protection job, the district council would change it back to a graduated beach.

The two councils have still not come to an agreement, but the district council's technical services manager, Steve Woollard, has written to the council to say he is attempting to find a solution acceptable to both authorities.

Town clerk Mike Lewis said in Wednesday's policy meeting: "Steve Woollard is hopeful of finding a solution that West Dorset and ourselves are happy with."

Coun Stan Williams added: "It is such a mess at the back. It is so untidy."