COULD this be it?

Hundreds of extras gathered on West Bay beach in what is thought to be the filming of the finale of Broadchurch.

The crowds gathered holding torches in the air on Thursday night for a busy evening of filming As well as the estimated 200 extras, stars including David Tennant, Sarah Parish, Olivia Colman and Julie Hesmondhalgh were spotted filming at the same time.

The scenes appear to be reminiscent of those seen at the end of series one when the people of Broadchurch gathered on the beach to hold a vigil for the murdered Danny Latimer.

Bonfires and lanterns were lit to honour his memory.

Interestingly, on this occasion, all the extras were female.

One onlooker who witnessed the scene, said: “There was hundreds of female extras down on the beach, the piers and the harbour.

“They were filming a scene shining torches in the air as one of the main characters looked on.

“David Tennant and Olivia Colman were on the steps of the station as the group of extras walked past.

“That’s my feeling, that it’s probably the finale as it is similar to what they did at the end of series one.”

Large lighting cranes were also spotted in the town to prepare for the night of filming.

Filming has been going on throughout the summer in West Bay and Clevedon in Somerset on the final series of the hit ITV drama.

It is set to air sometime next year and will explore the consequences of a serious sexual assault, with the Dorset community coming under the scrutiny of Hardy and Miller’s investigation.

It is based on a year of research with Dorset-based organisations who specialise in dealing with victims of sexual assault, and police advisors who specialise in investigating crimes of sexual violence The Shores sexual assault referral centre and Dorset Rape crisis helped with production.

New members of the cast include Coronation Street star Julie Hesmondhalgh, Lenny Henry and Charlie Higson.