A GROUP of cooks from Bridport have set sail for France to offer support to refugees.

The eight chefs set off for Calais on Tuesday (5) morning and will be preparing meals at the refugee camp's unofficial field kitchen until Saturday.

The group of Bridport natives have bought supplies for their trip, after collecting €1,415 from supporters - along with €1,696 raised by the Chapel in the Garden on East Street from events and donations since an initial trip to the French port in January.

The current trip has been co-ordinated by Sally Collings, with the group hoping to help out the thousands of refugees currently living at the Calais camp.

Ms Collings said: "We will be volunteering for four days.

"We will be cooking food that gets distributed amongst the camp's 6,000 refugees - including 700 unaccompanied children."

The site, dubbed as the 'jungle camp', has been criticised for poor conditions, with claims some have little access to water, food or sanitation.

A huge fire at the camp six weeks ago destroyed around 250 shelters, leaving some occupants living in tents.

Inspired by the Chapel in the Garden's presentation about helping refugees in Calais, one Bridport teenager made her own personal contribution of €100 to this week's aid trip to France.

Kitty Ford raised the funds by asking friends and family for donations, instead of presents, for her recent 14th birthday. Ms Ford wanted to help "people in real crisis" by raised funds for the refugees.

She said: "I wanted to give the money because although it was my birthday, I don't need more stuff and these are people in real crisis.

"Seeing images of refugees in Calais - especially children - upset me deeply".

Organisers at the Chapel in the Garden will carry on raising funds for refugees in Calais and will also be sending over much-needed equipment.

The chapel is open every Wednesday between 10am and 2pm and Saturdays from 10am until 12.30pm for people to drop off donations.

Lizzie Hornby from the Chapel in the Garden, said: "We will keep collecting these vital supplies for refugees while this emergency continues.

"There is a desperate need for blankets, sleeping bags, tents, tinned vegetables, tea and rice".