THE fund to create a memorial to mark the visit to Bridport of King Richard the Third has been boosted by an Arts Award of more than £300 from West Dorset District Council.

Arthur Woodgate, of the Bridport Young Persons Action Trust has been instrumental in the project.

He said: “The involvement of the Sir John Colfox Academy has been of paramount importance in achieving this award.”

The BYPAT charity is working with the academy’s arts department towards designing a fitting memorial that will commemorate the King’s overnight stay in the Priory of St John the Baptist.

Young people involved will then be able to work with local stone masons, Karl and Christine Dixon, on actually creating the memorial.

It is planned that the stone will be placed on the footpath beside the River Asker at East Bridge, facing the oriel window that is considered to be the only remaining external feature of the Priory where the king stayed.

The date for the unveiling has been set for November 5, the 533rd anniversary of the King’s visit.

Following recent publicity in the News, a number of donations have been received towards the memorial fund.

Mr Woodgate said: “We have had six donations from people in Bridport, one from a lady in London who read about us on the internet, and another from the High Constable of Dorset, Sir Philip Williams, who has also asked to be invited to the unveiling ceremony.”

The current edition of the “Ricardian Bulletin”, the monthly magazine of the Richard the Third Society, includes an article by Phil Stone, the chairman of their executive committee, together with a photo of the oriel window.

Mr Stone wrote: “On November 5th 1483 Richard III stayed overnight in Bridport, Dorset, on his way to mop up the remnants of Buckingham’s rebellion….Until recently this connection between King Richard and Bridport was little more than a footnote in history.

“The executive committee fully supports introducing King Richard to the young people of the town and…has already given £50 towards the appeal, but in order to ensure there is a permanent record of Richard’s visit…we ask you to please consider supporting it too, sending your cheques, made out to “BYPAT”…to 27, Coneygar Close Bridport, DT6 3AR.”