JEFF Scowen has been elected onto Lyme Regis Town Council after edging past former mayor Ken Dibben in Thursday’s by-election.

With a turnout of 26.5 per cent, Mr Scowen secured 400 votes to Mr Dibben’s 366. Two ballots were spoilt.

Speaking after the declaration, Mr Scowen said: “I want to thank Ken Dibben because without him there would not have been an election. I enjoyed every minute of it.

“I’m delighted and ecstatic. I am just going to do what I said I would do and work with the council – which I am looking forward to doing.”

Mr Scowen has stood for a place on the town council in the past, and believes his victory this time was down to his campaign on social media.

He added: “I got 88 (votes) last time. We must not lose sight of the fact that I was up against an ex-mayor and a former councillor.

“If I didn’t think I had a good chance, I would not have gone for it.

“What swung it for me was the use of social media. If I hadn’t done that, Ken would have won. I just have to live up to things and that manifesto was full of specifics that people are expecting and I want to deliver.”

Bridport and Lyme Regis News:

Jeff Scowen defeated former mayor Ken Dibben

Mr Dibben paid thanks to his campaigners and praised the "worthy" winner of the election.

He said: "I want to say thanks to everybody who supported me.

"I also want to praise everybody that voted for me and thanks to our worthy candidate who has won."

Mayor of Lyme Regis Cllr Owen Lovell believes the election was important for the town council.

Cllr Lovell said: "It's always better that someone gets elected rather than co-opted onto the council.

"Both candidates worked hard and probably everyone will have to look a little better with what goes on Facebook in the future.

"It is healthy as a council that we are up to a full chamber again and it is good for local democracy to have a closely-fought election."