FOSSIL fans can climb inside a 35ft dinosaur to learn about the origins of geology this weekend.

The Iggy the Iaguanodon Restaurant will make its first public appearance at the Lyme Regis Fossil Festival.

Iggy is a replica of a Victorian iguanodon which will provide the stage for an unconventional and educational piece of street theatre. The performance will explore the origins of palaeontology and will feature Lyme Regis’s own Mary Anning as a character.

The project, created by Emerald Ant, is being brought to Lyme Regis Fossil Festival thanks to funding from the Jurassic Coast Trust. After being in action in Lyme Regis, Iggy will travel to science festivals, schools, music festivals and heritage events around the country.

Last year, Horace the Travelling Pilosaur Cinema rolled into Lyme Regis, along with ringmaster Dr Davidson.

Creative director of Emerald Ant, Sarah Butterworth, said: “Emerald Ant is delighted to be putting on the second of our outdoor dino-theatre performances.

"This project is a true partnership of artists and scientists, and we thank all our talented artists for creating such a treat, our partner The Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs, and our supporters for enabling this show to take place.”

The highly visual, funny and peculiar, fast moving historical romp of a 20-minute show, The Iguanodon Restaurant is inspired by real-life events from 1812 to 1860, and it all takes place inside a massive 35-ft beast.

Over an outrageously indulgent feast, the guests, famous dinosaur hunters and pioneering geologists boast about their amazing fossil finds, and wrangle over interpretations of whether it is a bird, a giant fish or an ancient crocodile. Deep into the night they debate questions around extinction and evolution.

Alexandra O'Dwyer, vice chairman of The Jurassic Coast Trust, said: "The Jurassic Coast Trust is delighted to be supporting this year's fossil festival which continues to be one of the major ways in which we can celebrate the World Heritage Site and remind everyone of what an extraordinary treasure trove of science, history and culture exists within the rocks and fossils of our coast.

"We are particularly excited to be funding the appearance of the new Iguanadon Restaurant which will be bringing the story of geological discovery to life for audiences of all ages, as well as offering our own range of activities around the town. "It is such a pleasure to see Lyme buzzing with all things earth science, from expert fossil hunters to dinosaur-mad children."

Iggy will be in action at the Cobb Gate car park. Performances will take place at 11am, 2pm and 3.30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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