A CHURCH in Bridport is doing its bit for refugees by sending van loads of supplies off to be taken to help refugees.

The Unitarian Chapel in the Garden on East Street has started sending vans full of bedding, tents, tarpaulin, clothes, medical supplies, toiletries and food to Fareham.

Here they will be picked up by the refugee relief group Don’t Hate Donate and taken to help refugees at Calais and potentially further around Europe.

Since they launched their appeal on Friday, September 4 with posters and a Facebook campaign, the church has been inundated with donations.

As well as people donating supplies, they have also had people coming in to volunteer to help load up the vans.

Lizzie Hornby, from the church was delighted with the reaction to their appeal.

She said: “Since last Friday, we’ve had people donating their items. It has been wonderful. We’ve met so many people from the area that we haven’t met before. It’s been really good.”

The church is now almost overloaded with items such as tents and clothing and they are appealing for people to get in contact with medical supplies.

There is a desperate need for all types of medical supplies for the refugees in Calais.

Lizzie said: “I would like to ask people for any medical supplies for us to take and for people to get in touch if they would like to help.”

A team of volunteers has been gathering at the church forming a human chain to pass supplies from the hall out to the vans.

She is also calling on any local supermarkets and pharmacies to get in touch and donate any supplies they can.

Up and down the country, people have been touched and inspired by the refugee crisis in recent months and the church has seen this first hand.

Lizzie said: “People were feeling quite helpless about it at first bus as the days have gone by, eventually people feel they can do something to help.”

Don't Hate Donate have been hand delivering supplies to Calais now have plans to take supplies further afield.

If you want to volunteer or have any supplies to donate, get in touch with the church on Events@bridportunatarians.co.uk or call 07917704305.