A VOCAL group of women caused a stir in Bucky Doo Square on Saturday when they recreated a little known part of Bridport history.

The women, dressed in traditional attire and waving placards, re-enacted the wildcat strike of the mill-workers of Gundry's factory - who protested over pay and conditions in February 1912.

On Saturday, dozens of women took to the streets of Bridport - singing traditional suffragette anthems and several songs specially written for the occasion by musical director Jane Silver-Corren and organiser Louise Ramsden.

Louise said: "I was inspired by photographs of the Bridport women who in 1912 said 'No, you can't just change our wages without consulting us - we want our rights and we will take a stand'.

"We had a very successful and enjoyable morning recreating the original photos. We aimed to highlight this aspect of local history, bring attention to modern day issues of equality like the gender pay gap, zero hours contracts and low pay for caring jobs - and to have fun singing and dressing up.

"We achieved all three aims and in an atmosphere of such good will from all who took part. With the support of so many in Bridport, I am happy to report that the spirit of the 1912 Bridport Wildcats is still very much alive in our wonderful town today."

After congregating at Bucky Doo Square, the Bridport Wildcats of 2015 marched down West Street, waving protest banners and singing on their way to the site of the former Gundry's factory, which is now Amsafe.

The Bridport News reported on February 16, 1912 that women strikers marched through the streets of Bridport singing the suffragette anthem 'Shoulder to Shoulder' - with the protest documented by local photographer Clarence Austin. A collection by local residents to help the women tallied up almost £10 - around £650 in today's money.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: The original protest captured in 1912. Picture by Clarence Henry Austin/Invisible Photographer ArchiveThe original protest captured in 1912. Picture by Clarence Henry Austin/Invisible Photographer Archive

Heather Hamer, who took part in the re-enactment, said: "We were so touched by the way the Bridport people rose to support us, just like in 1912.

"There is always such a sense of community spirit here."

The Wildcats are expected to make another appearance during celebrations for International Women's Day on March 7 and may also appear at the Bridport Rope Fair later in the year.

Local writer Maya Pieris is currently writing a play about the 1912 strike action, while an exhibition of local women artists inspired by the group has been on display at the Chapel in the Garden.