A popular local artist and signwriter has added another imaginative notch to her belt with a new design at Frampton’s Butchers.

And so impressed was manager Phil Frampton that he has been sharing the news of the fresh design with all who will listen.

Artist Jemma Thompson, 39, has studios at St Michael’s Trading Estate in Bridport and re-gilded the weather vane on the town hall back in 2011 and the sign for the Bull Hotel in 2008.

Her new design for Framptons in East Street features handpainted artwork including a cow below one window display and charcuterie below another.

Jemma said: “I wanted to complement the signage that was already there and the new art looks like it’s been there for decades. It’s lovely to get this kind of praise for my work and thanks to Phil Frampton for having complete faith in my intentions.

“I also want to thank Bridport Timber, Darren Crane from DC Woodwork for constructing the sign frames, Tony Preston for giving the shop windows a fresh lick of paint on a freezing Sunday morning and to Malcolm Drew and his van for helping install the signs.”

Mr Frampton said: “Simply by chance I Googled sign artists of Bridport, as we wanted to have the designs done by a local artist, and came across Jemma.

I said to her I wanted a meat animal on one side of the shop’s doors and charcuterie on another – and left it with her.

“What she has done is amazing and we want her to know that. She took a photo of a cow in a field near Morrisons and then drew and painted the design by hand for us.

“She has also incorporated rope into the design, of which Bridport is famous for.

“Jemma looked at the green tiles inside the butchers itself and incorporated these into the design too.

“For me, the design wasn’t expensive because the benefits we get out of it are more than worth it. The front of the shop now looks much more spacious and inviting.

“The new design has been turning heads and we’ve constantly been having people come in and ask who did the work.”