TV CAMERAS look set to roll again in West Bay this summer when the second series of Broadchurch goes into production.

Members of the locations team have been in the harbour in advance of the shooting schedule due to start in May.

But as writer and Bridport resident Chris Chibnall continues to keep all details of the plot strictly under wraps, speculation is rife as to whether West Bay will have a starring role again or will merely play a cameo role as Broadchurch in a very different story.

Steve Tucker of the Ellipse bistro and cafe on the Esplanade, next door to the fictional Broadchurch police station, said that he had spoken to a member of the locations team working with the production company Kudos who had confirmed the TV crews will return.

Some scenes for the first series were filmed in the cafe.

“They said they will start filming at the end of May and carry on until the end of September and said that some of the time they will be filming in West Bay,” he said.

“I was told there would be perhaps a week in West Bay, in Clevedon again and other places.

“They did say that there were some difficulties filming in the summer season, which adds a whole new dimension.

“I got the impression that most of the characters will be in it again, but there is no confirmation from anywhere about David Tennant.

“It is brilliant news that Broadchurch is coming back - any publicity for West Bay is good publicity, Broadchurch single-handedly did more for tourism in Dorset than the council or tourist authority has ever done.”

Chris Chibnall, who is also executive producer has said that the second series of the smash-hit ITV drama will be very different and that it tells a story he always wanted to tell.

He told the Bridport News: “When ITV decided to green-light Broadchurch said to Peter Fincham, who is the director of television at ITV, 'here's the first eight episodes, and if people like it, and we do it well, then we could do this story after that.'

“I always had a thought about what a continuation might be, but it could have happily just stopped after the eight. So it was always structured so it would be a satisfying one-off, but I always knew what the other story would be.”

David Tennant's co-star Olivia Colman has confirmed in an interview that she will be spending four months away filming, but will not say where.

“Because if I do people will wonder why it's set there,” she commented.