DAVID Tennant could be making a Broadchurch come-back, according to one of the stars of the smash-hit TV series.

Speculation over the plot, location and cast of the second series of the ITV crime drama is mounting as the start date for filming approaches.

Jodie Whittaker, who played bereaved mum Beth Latimer in the first series, set in West Bay, has claimed that Tennant will reunite with co-star Olivia Colman in Broadchurch 2.

Whittaker told an online TV website that she is still uncertain about her own role in the new series, but appeared to confirm that its two leads will both be back.

"I know Olivia and David are back," she said. "But [the producers] haven't told us anything. They don't want us to know anything so that we can't spoil it if we are back!"

Tennant is currently reprising his role as DI Alec Hardy in Gracepoint, the US version of the show, which is being filmed in Canada.

He has already said that he has no idea what, if anything is in store for the character who fans last saw suffering a heart attack with his career in jeopardy.

He added: "I was dying of a heart attack so I don't know how able Alec Hardy will be to do any more crimefighting, we will have to see."

Meanwhile Bridport-based writer and executive producer Chris Chibnall has remained tight-lipped about the second series because he wants to keep some surprises up his sleeve.

He said: “So who’s in it and where it’s going to be filmed and what the story is, my instinct is to keep it secret and then it will be more of a treat when it comes on television.”