FANS of smash-hit show Broadchurch were left outraged after the show failed to pick up any gongs at the National Television Awards.

The smash-hit show, set in West Bay, was nominated in two categories for Best Drama, and Olivia Colman and David Tennant were both nominated in the Best TV Detective category.

But, the show lost out in both categories, with Doctor Who scooping Best Drama, and Benedict Cumberbatch won Best TV Detective for Sherlock Holmes – prompting shock on social media.

There was a mixture of sadness, shock and anger from 'Broadies' on social media following the awards.

Eilidh McCormick tweeted: “Can’t believe Broadchurch didn’t win Best Drama to Doctor Who. Crazy, it was amazing and with astounding performances.”

Kirsty Armstrong posted: “Broadchurch should have won. Wow... such an incredible drama. So much talent involved. Loved every second of each episode.”

Jeremy Baker tweeted: “I’m amazed that Doctor Who beat Broadchurch. Thought Broadchurch was the best drama in years.”

Anastasia tweeted: “How is it conceivable that David Tennant and Olivia Colman and Broadchurch missed getting any NTA Award? Not happy.”

Mo Jai tweeted: “Really shocked that Broadchurch hasn’t won a single award it was universally adored.”

Millie tweeted: “Gutted that Broadchurch has missed out twice at the NTAs tonight. Fantastic series, roll on the next!”

Rebecca Tennant posted: “Huge Doctor Who fan but Broadchurch should’ve won best detectives and drama. Heck it should win everything!”

Chris Chibnall, the show’s creator, tweeted: “Lovely night and great company at the NTAs. Team Broadchurch in fine form. But Educating Yorkshire bunch the heroes of the night.”

Becca Overton, who is the organiser of the upcoming Broadchurch Superfan Experience weekend, attended the awards ceremony, and met Olivia Colman and Joe Sims.

Miss Overton said: “I wanted Broadchurch to win because it was so close to home. I think they should have had a crime drama category, because the other shows in the same category were all of very, very different genres.

“I met a lot of the cast and crew from the show, including Olivia Colman, who was lovely. She was surprised I had made the trip from West Bay, and told me to send her love to everyone down here.”