DRIVERS of electric cars in west Dorset are set to receive a boost as plans to install 15 rapid-charging points have been unveiled.

The project is being led by Borough of Poole in partnership with Dorset County Council and Bournemouth Borough Council, after they secured £723,000 from the Government to fund the fast charge stations.

Rapid charging points can recharge an electric car in 40 minutes, and the project’s aim is to make long journeys in cars more viable by removing the “range anxiety” associated with electric cars, which typically cannot travel more than around 100 miles before they need more electric.

The rapid-charging points will be installed in Lyme Regis and Bridport, along with eight other locations across Dorset.

A spokesperson for Dorset County Council said: “The electric vehicle rapid recharging points will be 100 per cent externally funded, with a 75 per cent grant from central Government and the remaining 25 per cent from a commercial partner.

“The rapid recharging points will give drivers who use their electric vehicles for longer journeys confidence that they can travel throughout Dorset and can readily get a ‘top-up’ charge for their electric car or van if they need it.” Work will start next spring and will be completed by the end of 2014.