DRAUGHTBUSTING people in Bridport are learning how to make their homes more winterproof.

On Saturday, November 9, nine people attended a workshop to learn how to line their curtains with thermal fabric to save energy in the home.

Organised by Chit Chong of Transition Town Bridport, and supported by Sarah Wilberforce, the course was fully subscribed.

The group used simple tools to convert their inefficient curtains into real draughtbusters. “I always knew that it was possible to make thermal liners but never had enough skill on how to do it.

“The workshop has shown me how, and given me the confidence to line all my curtains,” said Sally Stone, one of the group.

The next session is Saturday, November 16, where participants will learn how to stop draughts round windows and doors.

The courses are free.

To take part call Chit Chong on 01297 445682 or email admin@transitiontownbridport.co.uk