Broadchurch has not only put West Bay in front of millions of TV viewers, the edge of the sofa drama series has got the bookies excited too.

Betting chain Ladbrokes reports frenzied betting on the outcome of the eight part ITV series starring the Jurassic Coast and David Tennant.

And what is dubbed the Broadchurch “Oooooh!” factor, as fans gasp at the twists and turns in the plot written by Bridport's Chris Chibnall, has kept the viewers glued to the screen.

This week's episode was watched by 7.2 million viewers - 28 percent of all those watching TV at 9pm on Monday night.

Figures including catch-up services show that more than 9 million people have been tuning in.

And West Bay's Ellipse Caffe is running its own charity sweepstake on whodunnit.

According to Ladbrokes, current betting on who killed Danny Latimer puts harbour shopkeeper Jack Marshall (David Bradley) at odds-on as the killer of the schoolboy found dead on the beach.

Second favourite is the mysterious and menacing Susan Wright at 3 to 1, followed by the vicar with secrets Rev Peter Coates (Arthur Darvill) at 6 to 1.

Least fancied as the killer is Tennant's character Det Insp Alec Hardy at 50 to 1, with Det Sgt Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) at 25 to 1.

Jessica Bridge of Ladbroke's said: "This is the most exciting whodunit since Lisa shot Phil in Eastenders. Punters are desperate to know the culprit and the money suggests the Reverend has been rather unholy!"

Steve Tucker, co-owner of Ellipse Caffé at West Bay, said: “Right now no-one, glued to Monday television at 9pm, seems to have the faintest idea who killed Danny. “So, to harness the power of community thinking we're launching a cash- prize draw and supper for Julia's House Children's Hospice. What we want to know is: who, where and why.”

Steve is asking people to either download a crime sheet from ellipse's Facebook or web page, or pop in and complete one over a coffee with fellow sleuths. There is a fee for every entry placed in the caffé's Broadchurch Mystery Box which has an increasing scale of charges as more clues are revealed in each episode. The winner, drawn from all the correct entries, will be announced at the Ellipse at a special meal - Last Supper for Someone in Broadchurch - on Monday April April 22 when the final episode is screened.

Steve said that the first coach has already been spotted, laden with tourists seeking fictional Broadchurch and key locations.

Ladbrokes' odds this week on Who killed Danny Latimer?

Jack Marshall1/2

Susan Wright 3/1

Rev Peter Coates6/1

Mark Latimer 7/'1

Nige Carter 7/1

Beth Latimer 8/1

Karen White 14/1

Oliver Stevens 16/1

Chloe Latimer 16/1

Tom Miller16/1

Maggie Radcliffe 16/1

Liz Roper 20/1

Becca Fisher 25/1

DS Ellie Miller 25/1

DI Alec Hardy 50/1

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