A brand new show from Bridport Pantomime Players will open at the Electric Palace on Wednesday, January 29.

Directed by Amy Carlile and in partnership with The Lyric School of Dancing, the company will present Beauty and the Beast, a French story where true love conquers all.

The story starts with a handsome prince who was once rude and unkind to a beggar. As a punishment, he was turned into a beast, a spell only to broken when he learnt to love and be loved in return.

As in all good pantomimes, there has to be a baddie, and in this case it is Count Danton, a vain and selfish man who is nevertheless adored by the girls in the village. He is accompanied by his hapless manservant Bob, while his mother, The Baroness, attempts to control him.

The role of the Dame is assumed by Madame Bidet, a devoted servant who spends time with her cheeky son Jacques reminiscing on the days before the prince was transformed.

Bridport Pantomime Players is a self-funded pantomime group founded in 1965 by Bernard Gale. The company's first production, Dick Whittington, took place in 1966 at St Mary's Church House, but a larger venue was soon needed and performances were held at The Lyric for many years. The company moved to the Electric Palace in 2007.

Bridport Pantomime Players is open to anyone who has an interest in singing, dancing, costume making, make-up, props, scenery painting or hospitality, and invites those who are interested to get in touch using the contact details on their Facebook page.

Boo the baddies and cheer the goodies in this feel-good production of the classic tale. Performances will take place at 7.30pm every day between Wednesday, January 29 and Saturday, February 1, with a 1.30pm matinee on Thursday and a 2pm matinee on Saturday.

All tickets are £8 on the opening night, and £10 for adults thereafter. Tickets for children under the age of 12 are £8. For more details and to book, head to the Electric Palace website or contact the box office.