Corn Exchange, Dorchester

YOU certainly get your money’s worth at these lovely concerts hosted by popular jazz pianist Mike Denham who blends good music with fascinating anecdotes about the past along with appearances by extremely talented solo guest artists.

Trumpeter Ben Cummings was the amazing performer on this occasion as the two musicians brought to life the early days of jazz and ragtime, reviving memories of men like Louis Armstrong and Fats Waller who were making musical history as they developed their new styles in the days of prohibition and gang warfare.

Mike has a knack for forming a harmonic double act with performers of many kinds and the musical masterpiece that he and British trumpet dynamo Ben created at Dorchester on this occasion will live forever with those lucky enough to have been there.

Sparkling jazz like Honeysuckle Rose, beautiful blues such as Stardust, they were recreated by the duo with faultless flair along with a surprise addition of vocals by Ben who sings in old time Chicago style that took the Dorset audience back to the old days of swing, Earl Hines and Bix Beiderbecke.

There will be more treasures to enjoy at the Corn Exchange from the piano man in the new year but until then, jazz lovers can download performances by Ben as he tours the world with his trumpet and his tremendous talent, a performer to take to your heart.