A PLAYWRIGHT is bringing pantomimes down to size.

Iain Campbell, of Weymouth, will be directing 'mini pantos' over the festive period at Christmas parties and gatherings.

The mini pantos are short, funny versions of well known pantos around 10 to 15 minutes in length that can be performed by any group without rehearsals.

lain said: "During the Christmas Shows I used to get five or six people up from the audience, sit them down, give them cue cards and get them to perform a mini panto. The idea has progressed and now there are seven different mini pantos."

Iain, who wrote, produced and presented the Osmington Christmas Show, said the mini pantos are being performed across the world.

"This year the Story of Cinderella and the Story of Peter Pan went to a school in Australia. They were performed to over 520 children, staff and parents and were a huge success," Iain said.

Iain says his pantos, which cost £20 a script, are ideal for WI Groups, rotary clubs, school groups, teachers, scouts and any clubs or groups.

More details can be found on the website minipantos.com or by calling 01305 768446.