A comedian will share the trials and tribulations of raising twin toddlers in a UK-wide tour that kicks off in Bridport next year.

Sam Avery, aka The Learner Parent, started a blog when his identical sons were born four and half years ago. Now a published author with a previous sell-out tour under his belt, Sam, 41, returns with a brand new show, Toddlergeddon.

"It's about the challenges of raising toddlers, and how it differs from looking after babies," Sam says.

"Before the twins were born I had this vision of me as a dad, completely blissful and in control. In reality it's absolute chaos. I'm learning on the job."

Sam has been doing stand-up comedy for 17 years and is used to sharing the big events of his life on stage, but the success of The Learner Parent was beyond anything he imagined.

"I started the blog mainly so I wouldn't forget anything," he says. "When people began sharing it and a few posts went viral, I was gobsmacked."

Confessions of a Learner Parent was published in 2017, and Sam embarked on his first tour last year.

"As a comic, it's a real gift being able to talk to your audience," he reflects. "But it's hard being away from the twins and my wife - the first night in the hotel is bliss, but then I just want to go home."

Both on stage and online, Sam, who lives in Liverpool, shares a messily honest account of first-time parenthood, complete with nappies, breast pumps, and the pain of sleep deprivation, of which he says: "My pre-kids sleep used to be the nocturnal equivalent of deep sea diving. Nowadays I’m lucky if I can submerge my toes in a puddle."

Yet despite being a comedy show, there is a deeper meaning to much of Sam's material.

"I used to think it was me against the kids," he says. "Now I know its me and the kids against the world. I shared that message on my last tour and I received some amazing responses from parents. I never set out to help people - I just wanted to make them laugh - but it's great that I can do both."

Sam also makes appearances on BBC 5 Live and Radio 4, and is a regular on BBC Radio 6 Music's show, Steve Lamacq Roundtable.

*Toddlergeddon comes to Bridport Arts Centre on Friday, January 24, 2020. The show starts at 7.30pm and tickets are £19 per person, available from the Bridport Arts website or box office.