A talk by a successful TEDx speaker on the reality of life in another country will take place at Bridport LSi on Thursday, November 28.

Raj Adgopul, who now lives near Bridport, grew up in poverty in Mumbai. Hopeful and hardworking, he found a steady job at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the city, but earned the equivalent of just £70 a month. Raj shared a house with 23 other individuals, living in a space six feet long and keeping his minimal belongings in a plastic bag.

15 years ago, Raj bought a one-way ticket to England. With £5 in his pocket, he became a nurse in the NHS, working in theatre and public health and developing a specialism in early years development.

As a first-generation Indian economic migrant, times were not easy. Raj had to adjust to life in a small village, with limited knowledge of the English language and of working life in a European country.

In this light-hearted talk, Appreciation Redefined, Raj will recall his strange encounters in the English countryside, from not knowing what a lunchbox is to not understanding why there is no bucket in the bathroom. Littered with hilarious anecdotes and amusing tales, the evening guarantees to enlighten, educate and entertain.

Doors open at 6.45pm and the talk begins at 7.30pm. Tickets are £12 per person, available from the LSi Canteen, Bridport Tourist Information Centre and Eventbrite.