A NEW dark comedy about the power of the Heimlich manoeuvre, the call of the open road, and the kind of friendship you’d take a bullet for will tour to Charmouth this October through Artsreach, the county’s touring arts charity.

Influenced by the creations of Victoria Wood, Steve Coogan, and Julia Davis, RedCape Theatre’s Thunder Road examines some of the darker corners of human nature.

Two women pack a car with training materials and medical supplies and set off on a journey, leaving their ordinary lives behind. It’s just for a couple of days, then life will return to normal. But when things take an unexpected turn in a Travelodge and events spin out of control, satnavs must be re-adjusted, and Maureen and Sylvie find themselves on the road trip of a lifetime, where their friendship is tested to its limits and they must keep moving just to stay alive.

RedCape Theatre is committed to telling true stories that matter, move and entertain, putting ordinary people in extraordinary situations. Critics nationwide have acclaimed their unique visual and physical storytelling, sense of humour and original writing. Part quintessentially British First Aid course, part Thelma and Louise, Thunder Road tells a story that will ring true in your heart and make you laugh till you cry.

This play is suitable for those aged 14+

*Thunder Road, Thursday, October 24, 8pm. St Andrew's Community Hall Charmouth. Call 07967 759135 for tickets or go to artsreach.co.uk