RELIVE the 1950s as the authentic and highly-acclaimed show, Buddy Holly and the Cricketers, comes to Weymouth.

Having run for 27 years, the concert stars some of the finest actor-musicians in the country, many of whom have performed in the West End. Entertaining audiences in locations across the globe, from Cardiff to California, Buddy Holly and the Cricketers showcases a series of smash hits including That'll Be The Day, Peggy Sue, Heartbeat and It Doesn't Matter Anymore.

The autumn tour marks 60 years since the death of Buddy Holly, who played a pioneering role in the rock 'n' roll music genre of the 1950s before his untimely death in a plane crash at the age of 22. His short life left a musical legacy that lives on today.

The producer of the show, Simon Fielder, stresses: "It's not a tribute show. We want it to be as if Buddy is back on the road. He was very charming, very funny, and just full of life; we want to recreate that."

Simon himself played the role of Buddy on the West End and fell into production by accident when some members of the cast, including Simon, decided to create their own unique Buddy Holly act, including a tour of the UK. First performed in 1992 at the Lincoln Theatre Royal, the show is kept fresh with new casts and innovative musical arrangements.

"Different people add different things, which re-invigorates the production," Simon says. "We give the performers a framework and allow them to be themselves. Audiences come back year after year, and they always see something new."

Simon is closely involved in the production and casting of the show, and goes along to performances with a notebook in hand, ready to give the actors feedback.

"I'm very proud of the show and I want audiences to feel that they've spent their money wisely," Simon said. "Ultimately, it's a rock 'n' roll party. We want to recreate the innocence of the 1950s - you can leave all your troubles at the door and just have a good time."

*Buddy Holly and the Cricketers will perform at Weymouth Pavilion on Sunday, September 29, at 7.30pm. All tickets are £22, available from the pavilion website or by contacting the box office.