FOALS - you've probably tapped your heel along to their music on the radio or blasted their songs at a party, but you haven't truly experienced them until you've seen them live.

Not one person could have distracted their gaze from the band's vibrant performance as they brought their extensive 2019 tour to Bournemouth.

It had been almost four years since Foals had produced a new record, when the group released the much-anticipated Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 in March.

Following on from the success of its release, the band have been entertaining crowds across the country and they show no signs of slowing down.

On the Luna and Mountain at My Gates got a packed room rocking as the band kicked off their 90 minute set full of pitch perfect guitar riffs and fierce vocals by frontman Yannis Philippakis.

After being on the scene for more than a decade the group can clearly perform a slick show, transitioning from one song to the next without you even noticing.

As indie-rock sounds rung around Windsor Hall, the backdrop switched between swaying palm trees and fiery scenes as Foals performed songs from their entire discography, much to the delight of the crowd which was evidently full of long-term fans.

Strong highlights were My Number and Spanish Sahara, which got people up on shoulders, jumping and swaying. Rockier numbers included Exits from their latest album, and Holy Fire's Inhaler, which saw Philippakis get the whole crowd on their knees before jumping up in unison for the drop.

In the encore Foals treated us to Black Bull off their next release, Part 2 of Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, followed by firm favourite What Went Down and staple closer Two Steps Twice.

They've been around for years but Foals are a mighty force that are truly at their peak now. An amazing live act that will never disappoint - in Philippakis's words: "Foals forever."

Katie Williams