A cheeky, fun and spectacular show is sashaying its way to Weymouth Pavilion. The Lady Boys of Bangkok promises a cabaret like no other cabaret. Joanna Davis finds out more.

WARM up your best singing voice, book the hairdressers, pop the champagne, buy a cake, get out your party dress and polish those dancing shoes - because the Lady Boys of Bangkok are back!

They call in at Weymouth Pavilion on Thursday, June 20 at 7.30pm.

More than 3,000,000 people have seen the show which has been touring in the UK for 21 years since it was created for the Edinburgh Festival. It's said to be cabaret like no other cabaret performed by girls like no other girls.

Binky Beaumont describes the show as 'a cabaret show'.

He added: "It's not rude at all, it's a cheeky night out. We've got over 450 costumes and an articulated lorry with all the equipment in.

"It's such a popular show for people to be in . We have 500 people auditioning in Bangkok for one or two places in the show.

"We've got performers in the show who've been with us for 19 years, many of them for more than 10 years. They enjoy being in it."

It features 16 of the world’s most beautiful and stunning showgirls ...who just happen to be men! And a grumpy dwarf from Oldham!

The show will also introduce, direct from a cottage in the woods, Jamie John.

The show's Binky Beaumont said its touring cast of 19 have a favourite place to stay when they're in Weymouth. The show was last in town three years ago.

He said: "We were there three years ago and the show did really well. We always stay at the Gresham bed and breakfast on the seafront because it's run by friend of the show Karen Harris.

"She's been a big supporter of us over the years and always comes to the show and brings her friend. For most of the places we go stay at a chain hotel so it makes a nice change."

The party will get audiences dancing, laughing and singing along to all their favourite hits from all their favourite stars.

The entertainment is said to soar from start to finish with infectious show stopping performances that will bring you to your feet time and time again.

The glamour of Hollywood and the glitz of Las Vegas will meet the beloved traditions of classic British music hall in what is said to be 'a mesmerising spectacle.'

Binky is encouraging the most sceptical of people to come along to the show.

He said: "People have a pre-conceived idea of what it will be like. It's not what people think. It's like having a party with 400 people."

The show will feature numerous pop hits from the likes of Beyonce, Kylie and songs from the ever-popular The Greatest Showman soundtrack, Binky said.

"We also do some Carpool Karaoke and some older songs by ABBA and the Bay City Rollers. It's just the biggest party."

With more songs and big-scale musical production numbers than you could point a perfumed glove at, The Lady Boys of Bangkok adds a splash of colour to the black and white normality of everyday life.

This is a chance to luxuriate in a vibrant euphoric bubble of laughter, beauty, splendour and music and a complete celebration of individuality and pride in saying This is Me.

With glamorous new scenes of gorgeous spectacular costumes, choreography and of course hilarious comedy, the lady boys are the greatest showgirls!

*The Lady Boys of Bangkok, Weymouth Pavilion, Thursday, June 20, 7.30pm. Call the box office for tickets and more information.


The touring show The Lady Boys of Bangkok, which has been touring since February and will continue until November, features:

315 lipsticks

400 eyeshadow packs

200 blushers

2360 sets of eyelashes

640 tubs of foundation

640 bottles of perfume

1280 face masks

50 hairbrushes

32 sets of hair straighteners

60 tubs of hair gel

52 wigs

300 metres of cotton used in repairs

4200 replaced sequins and diamantes

400 costumes

256 pairs of shoes

1120 pairs of tights

8,200 miles of coach travel

3,250 hotel rooms