A TONGUE in cheek music documentary for the stage is coming to the Lyric Theatre.

Theatre company Trifle Gathering Productions are back on tour with their bravest theatre project to date, Endless featuring N:Dless, bringing it to Bridport on Wednesday, May 8.

A touching insight into the battle between ambition and reality, they invite you to take a peek into the extraordinary minds and social anxieties of the phenomenon that is, or was, N:Dless.

The show, a comedy tale about the reuniting of a fictional 90s electronic band, merges live music, comedy, pop videos and documentary interviews. Endless has been written and produced by Trifle’s core team Kyla Goodey and Sally Crooks. They last visited The Lyric with their hilarious Alternative Office Christmas Do in 2015.

Kyla, who directed the show, said: "This is our most ambitious show to date. It’s been three years in the making and we’re really excited about it finally hitting the stage.

"This is a ‘coming of middle age’ music documentary for the stage. It’s not Spinal Tap, Top of the Pops or the Bros Documentary but if you liked those you might like this and even if you didn’t like those you still might like this.

“The reality TV/documentary format for this project stems from our two unashamed passions: reality TV and the effect of fame on the ego, we wanted to explore these in our own unique way. We came up with the idea of creating a fictional band which would give plenty of opportunity for comedy as well as a way of exploring some more sensitive topics.”

Two young men beneath the strip lights of Dartington University bar. Dressed in their dad’s suits and fusing Celtic music with wasp drone recordings, this delusional duo wasn’t destined for much. But following a rocky road of self-discovery involving a synthesizer, women band members and lots of music practice, they re-formed and quickly became one of the most influential electronic pioneers of the 20th century.

N:Dless were thrust onto the electronic music scene with chart topping hits such as Penguin in a Sparrows Nest and We’re Ripe for the Restroom. Their debut album Fur Coats in the Desert did really, really well and they toured a small section of the globe. Following an unexpected spilt in 1998, fans were left free falling. No explanation and many unanswered questions… until now.

Pop videos, motivational life tips and musings from the band will be appearing via Trifle Gathering’s social media channels shortly as the company hand over their platforms to the band until the end of May. Just follow Trifle Gathering or The Lyric Theatre on Facebook to see more.

*Endless featuring N:Dless, Lyric Theatre, Bridport, Wednesday, May 8.

Tickets are £12 / £5 (12-18s) available from Bridport TIC: 01308 424901/bridportandwestbay.co.uk and BearKat Café. Doors and bar open at 7:30pm for a prompt 8pm start.