AUTHOR Gail Aldwin entertained an audience with stories of her reading and writing experiences.

Dorchester resident Gail, who is about to publish her first novel, took part in a Q & A session at Wareham Library as part of a celebration of World Book Night.

The celebration recognises the difference reading makes to people’s lives.

Gail, author of fiction and poetry, shared her experiences from being a reluctant reader as a child to becoming a published author.

Gail said: "Due to intermittent hearing loss, learning to read through phonics, where sounds are matched to letters, was difficult and reading became very hard work.

"By the age of ten I could decode a text but it took several more years to see books as a source of interest and pleasure."

For Gail, the turning point in this journey was reading her elder sister’s copy of Valley of the Dolls, a book she certainly wasn't meant to be reading with its story of young women using capsules known as ‘dolls’ to help them survive in the entertainment industry.

Gail's first novel The String Games, a coming of age novel, will be released in May 2019 by Victorina Press.

The World Book Night evening was organised by staff at Wareham Library, including manager Frances Butler and Alison Jay who supported the Q & A with Gail. Everyone who came to the event was invited to join a book quiz and a book swap.