HEAR a talk from sci-fi illustrator Chris Moore at Bridport LSi on Thursday, May 16.

Chris has spent a lifetime producing book covers for many of the 20th century's best known sci-fi writers and others.

He is an internationally-renowned artist who has produced book covers for many major authors throughout the last 45 years and many album covers for the likes of Rick Wakeman and Status Quo.

However, he is mainly noted for his science fiction works and has produced covers for almost all the major SF authors of the 20th century.

Chris is prestigiously associated with the works of Philip K Dick, whose writings have been the inspiration for movies such as Bladerunner and Total Recall.

His paintings are in many collections throughout the world, including the Worlds of Wonder and George Lucas collections in America...Chris has even had his work signed in space by the

shuttle astronauts!

*The Sci-Fi Guy - A Talk by Illustrator Chris Moore, Bridport LSi, Thursday May 16, 7pm (doors 6.30pm), tickets cost £6 and are available from the LSi canteen, Bridport Tourist Information and Eventbrite.