HE’S renowned for his tribute to The Piano Man after five years of touring with the Billy Joel Songbook. Now entertainer Elio Pace has turned his attention back to another of his musical heroes, Elvis Presley.

On August 16, 2017, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the death of the King of Rock, singer-songwriter, Elio Pace premiered a special concert in honour of his childhood musical idol.

The sell-out concert received five-star accolades across the board.

After a successful inaugural tour of the UK in July 2018, and due to overwhelming demand, Elio Pace presents Elvis Presley is touring once again in selected theatres all across the UK and arrives at the Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne this weekend.

A tour spokesman said: “Elio’s sensational singing and electrifying piano-playing is ingeniously accompanied on stage by only the dynamic and percussive power of the incomparable drummer, Steve Rushton. Coupled with some insightful and moving anecdotes about Elvis’ life and career, never before will you have seen or heard Elvis’ catalogue presented like this.

“Not a white jumpsuit in sight; this is the complete antithesis to everything you know about ‘Elvis’ shows.”

Elio Pace presents Elvis Presley at the Tivoli, Wimborne, on Saturday, March 16. Tickets £25 from the box office (concessions) £23. To book, call 01202 885566.