Tom Jones fans will be going wild at Weymouth Pavilion later in the month when a sixties tribute show arrives in town. Dan Chettoe, who performs as a young Tom Jones, tells Joanna Davis what to expect.

A NEW musical stage show that celebrates the music of the biggest pop stars of the 60s is coming to Weymouth Pavilion on Wednesday, March 20

Dan Chettoe will perform as Tom Jones in Tom Jones & the Shades of the 60s.

Young tenor Dan was first discovered in Britain's Got Talent.

Dan, who will perform with 60s vocal group the Shades,

will sing a catalogue of hit songs that started the pop music explosion in the 1960s and made stars out of thousands of names from the Beatles to the Supremes, from Tom Jones to Lulu and from Gerry and the Pacemakers to Chubby Checker.

Among the songs the cast will be performing to get the party started will be It’s Not Unusual/Tom Jones I Only Wanna Be With You/Dusty Springfield; Twist and Shout/The Beatles and Thunderball/Tom Jones.

We had a chat with Dan to find out more about the show

1.When did you discover the music of Sir Tom Jones and other artists of the 60s?

DAN CHETTOE: Around the time I did Britain’s Got Talent, I saw Sir Tom on ‘The Voice’ – I didn’t know who he was but through talking to my family I learned that here was this mature performer with a beautiful rich voice who was hugely successful and still relevant in today’s pop industry. I then watched loads of his performances on YouTube – I love his voice and I love his style of singing. In fact YouTube has been really great for me in researching bands and singers from the 60s – the Beatles footage is amazing! All that screaming!

2.Have you always loved singing?

DAN: My main passion when I was younger was acting then I started discovering singers like Johnny Cash and other American country singers. I was inspired by them to sing and to use my voice in that way; my mum and grandad used to play country and rock & roll at home and in the car and I loved listening to those old songs. My mum also introduced me to Pavarotti who led me to discovering opera which I also love. So I guess I grew up listening to a real variety of artists like Pavarotti, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and Elvis.

3. What other music do you enjoy singing?

DAN: I’m very theatrical in the way I perform and I love singing songs that tell a story. I was at college with Kitty Harris, the daughter of Keith Harris (Keith Harris and Orville) and we performed together in Chicago; I played Billy Flynn and it was the first time I’d performed musical theatre onstage – it was the best experience I’ve had so far. I also love to sing songs from the likes of Oliver, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Les Misérables.

4.Tell us about your first performance.

DAN: I was very shy at school but my cousin Leoni, who played guitar, persuaded me to “come into the hall at lunchtime, I’ll play my guitar and you can sing”! We performed Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash and we quickly attracted a big crowd. It was great! It definitely gave me the confidence to audition for Britain’s Got Talent. I sang Cry Me A River on TV and I suppose there was a big shock reaction to my voice; Simon Cowell loved my performance. BGT really made me believe in what I could do

5. Do you have a favourite singer?

DAN: Alfie Boe lives round the corner from me; he’s always been a massive inspiration. And I’m a big fan of people like Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden because that’s where I always wanted to go with my music – performing in a theatrical way with a fantastic onstage presence.

6. How did you get the starring role The Shades of the 60s?

DAN: I was working at the Paradise Rooms in Blackpool and I sang with Emily Clark who plays Dusty in the sister show, Dusty & the Shades of the 60s. She introduced me to the producers and I sang for them and got the gig! I’m very excited about the tour – and I can’t wait to go onstage with the fabulous Shades; they’re amazing singers. They’ve already become a bit like my big sisters!

*Tom Jones & the Shades of the 60s, Weymouth Pavilion, Wednesday, March 20. Call the box office for tickets.