WORLD-CLASS bassist Alec Dankworth will perform in Dorset with an ensemble of outstanding musicians.

Alec Dankworth's World Spirit will call into Buckland Newton Village Hall on Sunday, March 17 at 7.30pm.

The tour will be in conjunction with Artsreach, the county’s touring arts charity.

Internationally acclaimed jazz bassist and composer Alec Dankworth has, from a long-standing love of music from the Iberian peninsula, formed World Spirit, a quartet whose music crosses the Straights of Gibraltar into Africa and beyond.

Alec, son of jazz legends Johnny Dankworth and Cleo Laine, has worked with artists as diverse as Stephane Grappelli, Abdullah Ibrahim and Van Morrison. Now, joining forces with the sublime vocals of his daughter Emily Dankworth, leading tenor saxophonist Brandon Allen and world percussionist Paul Clarvis, Alec Dankworth’s World Spirit explore melodies from Africa, South America and other continents from a jazz perspective in this special tour.

With tunes by Duke Ellington, Bela Flek, Antonio-Carlos Jobim, Abdullah Ibrahim and WC Handy originating from Ireland, Venezuela, Bulgaria, South Africa, Mali and Brazil, World Spirit offers an evening of global song and improvisation.

*Alec and the band will perform in Sturminster Marshall (07903 057427) on Saturday, March 16 at 7.30pm and Buckland Newton (01300 345455) on Sunday, March 17 at 7.30pm. Further information and tickets are also available online at