JOIN Saba Douglas-Hamilton, the acclaimed elephant conservationist and TV presenter of This Wild Life and Big Cat Diaries, for behind the scenes tales of her life.

Saba lives with her husband and three children in Kenya where she grew up among elephants and now works with some of the most endangered wildlife on the planet.

A tour spokesman said: “Whilst sharing remarkable tales from her childhood, highlights from her decade as a BBC wildlife presenter, and the adventure of raising her own children in the wild, her underlying message emphasises the role each of us can play in protecting the natural world.

“Drawing on the pioneering work of Save the Elephants (the charity that she helped her father establish in 1997), and her own efforts to create a grassroots coalition for the environment, Saba takes the audience on a compelling journey through the challenges of ivory poaching and shrinking wildlife habitats to the inspiring solutions offered by high-tech tracking technologies, innovative collaborations and a passionate group of traditional Kenyan women who are helping to defend migration corridors for elephants and other wildlife in a fast changing world.”

n Saba Douglas-Hamilton: A Life with Elephants is at the Tivoli in Wimborne on Tuesday, April 2 at 7.30pm. See