VIEWED as if from the windows of a bus, the lives of five very different people converge and diverge in The Capital, a unique theatrical experience which is en route to Dorset.

A tour spokesman said: “Performed without words to a stunning soundtrack, The Capital uses moving walkways to create an extraordinary flowing feat of visual storytelling. It turns themes of financial and social inequality into a beautiful, thoughtful and emotionally gripping experience.”

If you ever feel you have to run in order to stand still, or see others gliding through life while you struggle to survive, or experience a relationship drifting apart, or a goal retreating as fast as you advance on it then you will recognise life in The Capital.

Inspired by ideas from University of Warwick Department of Economics, The Capital has a cast of five and is devised by Stan’s Cafe under the direction of artistic director James Yarker.

Stan’s Cafe is an internationally acclaimed theatre company with a penchant for creating inventive and mind-stretching productions.

The company has been devising and touring highly original theatre around the world from its base in Birmingham since 1991.

n The Capital is at Lighthouse Poole on Thursday, February 7 at 7.45pm Tickets: £18. To book, call 01202 280000.