GENRE-DEFYING music is coming to west Dorset.

Penguin Café have announced a concert at the Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis, on Friday, March 29.

Signed to Brian Eno’s record label, the Penguin Café Orchestra found fame in the 1980s and 90s with pieces such as Telephone and Rubber Band, Music For a Found Harmonium, and Air A Danser.

Formed by Simon Jeffes, they toured the world playing with bands such as Kraftwerk, and much of their music is recognisable from films and commercials. Their music defies categorisation, taking in elements of modern classical, minimalism, folk, and ‘world’ music.

Following Simon’s death in 1997, his son Arthur Jeffes relaunched the act, bringing together a talented group of musicians from Suede, Gorillaz, and Razorlight, to perform his father’s legacy alongside new and unique genre-defying music, with the philosophy of the orchestra always in his mind.

Arthur utilizes many different instruments and influences including elements of African, Venezuelan, Brazilian, bluegrass, classical, Avant-Garde & Minimalist music, using a variety of instruments from strings, pianos, harmoniums, slide guitars, cuatros, kalimbas, and experimental sound loops.

*Penguin Café, Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis, Friday, March 29. Bar opens at 7pm. Starts at 8pm. Call the box office for tickets.