A NINETIES comedy legend is set to make a west Dorset theatre audience chuckle.

Rob Newman will perform his new comedy show about philosophy at the Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis, on Saturday, March 2 at 7.30pm.

With lengthy tractuses and theories, philosophy isn’t immediately obvious as a source for humour, but Rob has not let that stop him write his new show - Total Eclipse of Descartes.

Rob rose to fame in the early nineties with The Mary Whitehouse Experience, alongside David Baddiel, Hugh Dennis, and Steve Punt. This led to the popular programme Newman and Baddiel in Pieces

Based on the hit BBC Radio 4 series, Rob Newman’s whirlwind tour of philosophy explores 3,000 years of good and bad ideas from Pythagoras to driverless cars, by way of levitating Buddhist monks, Pavlov’s dogs, Jean-Paul Sartre’s mum, T. Rex, and Morrissey. In a world gone crazy, Rob asks, can philosophy help

*Rob Newman's Total Eclipse of Descartes, Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis, Saturday, March 2, 7.30pm. Bar opens 6.30pm. Call the box office for tickets.