ARTIST Podi Lawrence has moved studios.

After spending two years as the artist in residence with the Heights Hotel on Portland, where she produced a 13' x 6' mural for the reception, international award winning artist Podi can now be found in her new studio at 87 Fortuneswell, Portland.

Podi moved to Portland in 2012 having spent her last few years in Panama and before that Canada. Born and educated in England and having spent most of her life painting successfully, she sought a place on Portland which would give her space to not only produce her own work but to help others learn the basics.

She hopes to be in the studio most days and will be offering classes in the skills of painting and drawing. She has several pieces on display and she will also be available to help you with personal commissions.

Sought after for her portraits Podi has also received awards and accolades for her 'other' work. In 1994 she was resident artist with both the Wycombe Swan Theatre (High Wycombe) and then the English National Ballet. In the same year, a painting she produced of her fellow painters at a Life Study class was accepted for the Salon de Paris and was awarded a Bronze Medal.

In 1997 a piece of Podi's work was chosen by Prince Charles for the Discerning Eye exhibition in London. In Canada she was resident artist for the annual Waterloo Jazz Festival where she sketched performers and produced paintings for the following year's publicity.